Attained 25 Frags In 10 Minutes

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Task Medal

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Attained 25 Frags In 10 Minutes is a task-based medal in Turok: Rage Wars. It is earned when the player kills human opponents 25 times within a time limit of ten minutes.


An upgraded version of the "Attained 15 Frags In 5 Minutes" medal, featuring a large pentagonal frame with ten outward-facing and ten inward-facing translucent spikes. The latter points towards a smaller inner pentagon, which is filled with the same translucent material.

Gameplay StrategiesEdit

At first sight, this medal appears to be easier to get than the "Attained 15 Frags In 5 Minutes" medal, because the time allotted to the task has been doubled while the required killcount has increased only by 66%. However, getting this medal requires much more endurance - the player must be really on top of their game for the duration of the time limit.

All of the advice mentioned for the five-minute medal apply here as well. Additionally, if the player happens to get the "Massive Damage" powerup and does not have this medal yet, this would be a good opportunity to take a shot at it.

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