Attained 15 Frags In 5 Minutes

Medal Type:

Task Medal

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Attained 15 Frags In 5 Minutes is a task-based medal in Turok: Rage Wars. It is earned when the player kills human opponents fifteen times within a time limit of five minutes.


A large pentagonal frame with ten inward-facing, translucent spikes pointing towards a smaller inner pentagon, which is filled with the same translucent material.

Gameplay StrategiesEdit

Time is of the essence for this medal. The player has to frag a human opponent once every 20 seconds on average, which does not leave much extra time for running after ammo and chasing quick-footed targets.

Hanging out at popular locations (e.g. the Power Core) ensures that the player gets to be in the middle of the action. If the level features special weapons, the player must make sure that they have them. Place a Sentry Turret on the ceiling (out-of-sight for human enemies, but great line-of-sight for the weapon), hide an Iron Claw in a dark spot, or stick some mines just around the corner.

Take advantage of swimming enemies. The wall of water makes their movement slow, so the player can get an extra shot in with moderate-speed explosive weapons - usually enough for a quick kill.

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