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Aram Fireseed, known as The Greywalker and The Geomancer[1], is the son of Tal'Set in Acclaim's Turok comic series. After his father's death, he assumed the title of Turok.

Aram was called upon by his father, along with various other members of the Fireseed family, into a dream-state to decide the fate of the Chronoscepter.


Nothing is known about Aram other than that he is Tal'Set's son. He decries his father's apparent hesitation to use heavy weaponry and argues that the Chronoscepter was designed to be used, not laid aside or destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The "Modern Turok Timeline" featured on lists an "Adam Fireseed" that at first glance appears to be a typo for Aram. The website's timeline lists dates for "Adam" that match with the dates for the Turok known as "Redgrave" in the timeline found in the Extreme-G Official Game Secrets guide. Adding to the confusion, the website's timeline lists later dates for a "Redgrave" that match with the Extreme-G guide's dates for Aram himself. A Turok known as "Redgrave" is known to exist, but not whether he did so before or after Aram/Adam. Why these Turoks are entangled in this way is unknown.


List of AppearancesEdit

  • Turok Online Exclusive Webcomic (First appearance)

Notes and referencesEdit

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