Aky 541





Average height:

9 meters long
2 meters tall

Average weight:

8 tons (6,000 kg)


Massive clubbed tail, small head, and an imposing armored body.

Notable groups:


Other nomenclature:

"Fused Lizard"


Ankylosaurus appear in Turok: Evolution, where they are used by the Sleg as living tanks. They also appear in the animated film Turok: Son of Stone.

In the Lost Land, Turok and his partner, Andar, find a family of Ankylosaurus, and a stampede of them starts when the Great-Horned One appears.


Ankylosaurus is an ankylosaur and the biggest of its kind, reaching nine meters in length, standing two meters tall, and weighing around eight tons (6000kg). This animal has armor made of bony plates and bone nodules covering its back from head to tail, the latter of which ended with a bony club that it uses against predators. Its shell is topped with horns to make sure no predator harms them.

These dinosaurs make their first appearance in Chapter 3 of Turok: Evolution near the end of the level "Descent." They are shown to be massive, imposing, and very hostile. They are yellow and brown in color, and they have large silver and black rocket launchers mounted onto their shoulders. They also have a massive clubbed tail that they will swing if the player approaches their hindquarters.

Ankylosaurus make another appearance in the 2008 animated film, Turok: Son of Stone. They are shown to be very large, with green skin and yellow eyes.

They are first seen when Turok and Andar enter the Lost Land. They encounter several of them grazing in the fields. When Andar curiously looks at one, it snorts at him and glares. Then, the Ankylosaurus start a stampede when something spooks them. A Carnotaurus emerges from the trees to attack. Chichak pushes Catori off of his horse. As Turok comes to rescue her, one of the Ankylosaurus accidentally trips, causing the others to pile in a heap. Those who did not fall into a heap continue running.


This dinosaur is an average threat to the player and has a few attacks at its disposal. One is a very effective and heavily damaging rocket launcher attack. This is utilized with its shoulder launchers, and the rockets carry the same damage and speed properties as the handheld Rocket Launcher.

The other attack is a semi-effective tail swipe. This is only seen if the player hangs around the dinosaur's hindquarters and will not usually be seen otherwise. It will deal a moderate to massive amount of damage when it makes impact.

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