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"Allied with The Campaigner, these evil natives are painted up to look like walking dead. Extremely accurate with blowguns, they fall easy prey to a 12 gauge round."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

The Ancient Warriors are one of many human inhabitants encountered throughout the long-forgotten ancient cities of the Lost Land. They are also encountered in ancient underground catacombs.


Ancient Warriors are tall humans that are painted from head to toe with a design that resembles a human skeleton. They have powerful physiques and excel at the art of combat. They are also very athletic and can drop from great heights with no adverse effects.

The Warriors have fashioned necklaces and wrist guards out of bone, and their minimal garments seem to be made out of either plants or animal hides. Some wield clubs and double-sided glaives while others carry blowguns.


While not the hardest enemies found in Dinosaur Hunter, they are certainly tougher than most of the other human enemies; they move in larger groups and can take twice as much damage. The player must be careful when confronting them, as often there is one or two Warriors hanging back with blowguns. To avoid the incoming dart, watch for the Warrior to raise the blowgun to his lips then jump out of the way or hide behind the level geometry. For the melee Warriors, the player can circle strafe while slashing with the Knife. Due to their enhanced health, the Ancient Warriors ideally need to be taken out with stronger weaponry, such as the Auto Shotgun, Pulse Rifle, or anything explosive.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the Ancient Warriors have become deadlier, more formidable enemies. This has enabled them to have faster reactions, speed, and attacks. Now it is harder than ever to avoid incoming projectiles from warriors that use blowguns, but it is a matter of who engages first. The strategies as stated above still apply to them, but it is preferable to both have explosive shells equipped and to take out the blowgun users first.

Like with the other human enemies of Dinosaur Hunter, killing an Ancient Warrior with the Knife or regular arrows can result in a Mortal Wound pickup appearing.

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