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An Eye for an Eye
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Joseph Turok




Massive Arena


Kill Kane and then kill the T. rex.

"A soldier follows orders, but a warrior follows his heart."
—Joseph Turok to Roland Kane

An Eye for an Eye is the final level in Turok. It focuses on Joseph Turok finishing what he started with Roland Kane, along with finishing his rivalry with the game's massive Tyrannosaurus rex antagonist, Mama Scarface.


Objective: Get out of the base.

The player starts out immediately in front of an automated door opening, which reveals a Mendel-Gruman Type 07 Starship. A cutscene then plays, in which Shepard expresses his enthusiasm at going home whilst Slade ushers Turok aboard. Turok sees Roland Kane on his way to his own ship, before proclaiming he "can't let him get away". Slade nods and tells him to "go get him", before Turok nods in return and runs through a second set of doors, away from the ship.

Objective: Prevent Kane from escaping.

The player is then placed in a small, damaged MG station's interior. For stealth's sake, the player should move to the right, into the weapon's crevice, as they contain weapons such as the ESUS Blackfly, ORO Enforcer Shotgun, and the ORO L66 Pulse Rifle. There are also dual Tek Arrow bags here, at least one of which should be saved.

Around this time, an MG Pyro will come around the corner and walk down the hallway the player was just in. The best route for elimination would be to quickly shoot him in the head with an arrow. Once he is down, the player can advance. They are tasked with ascending a staircase in order to advance; however, an MG Heavy Weapons blocks the path. He can be dealt with in the same manner as the Pyro was. This enemy is made easier by the fact that he will not move by default and is open to a clean headshot.

If the player also wishes for additional firepower, they can turn around from the base of the stairs and hug the right wall into a small corridor. This will be host to an ORO War Horse Chaingun. The best strategy to follow would be to take this weapon and set it up as an automated turret near the top of the stairs to take down enemies that rush the player.

There will be a rather large force of MG soldiers, ranging from MG Grunts to Heavy Weapons. For this section, the player should use the War Horse to cover the left side of the pillar whilst using the cover on the right, so as to funnel enemies into a death trap. Once they are dealt with, the player will then have to contend with two turret-based enemies. They can use standard arrows and a well placed headshot to take them down, or they can use the L66 Pulse Rifle in an attempt to fill them with quick bursts of firepower. As the last of the MG soldiers falls, the player can then move onto the last portion of the level.

Objective: Destroy Kane's ship.

This portion of the level can be troubling for most players, as Kane's ship not only possesses chain-guns, which can slow the player's movement, but the rockets can both deal massive damage and have knock-back properties. However, the player has a Mounted RPG at their disposal and ample cover to provide protection.

An easy way to breeze through this small conflict is to wait until the chain-guns cool down before rushing to the RPG and firing off a rocket. However, upon firing one and impacting, Kane will launch a dual salvo of rockets at the player, which can be avoided by hiding in the nearest corner on the bridge behind the mounted weapon. There is not much to it beyond repeating this process thrice, which will cause the ship to crash, leading directly into a small cutscene with Kane.

As the cutscene starts, Kane will begin speaking down to Turok, spewing out multiple insults. Turok will retort back, resulting in him stating that "a soldier follows orders, but a warrior follows his heart." Kane draws his blade and asks "What's your heart telling you now, Turok? Run? Hide?" before he rushes Turok and begins a grapple with him.

From this point, the player will be tasked with pushing multiple random buttons in an attempt to fend off, and gain an advantage over, Kane. What buttons the player has to push and the animations that ensue are usually random, and the event is generally easy to pass; however, if Kane is able to get Turok to the ground, he will attempt to stab him in the chest, which will force the player to restart the event if they fail to counter it.

Once Kane is defeated, Turok will stand victorious, until Mama Scarface enters the scene, roaring in a rage as she sees Turok amidst the fire.

Objective: Kill the T-Rex.

From here, the player is then tasked with taking down Scarface once and for all. The player starts out with the ORO C9 Perforator Bow and their ORO P23 Combat Knife as their default weapons. If the player saved their Tek Arrows up to this point, they can slow Scarface by firing at her face, which will cause her to stop moving and stumble, while dealing damage.

From this point, the player should head left of the spawning point to grab the Enforcer Shotgun in order to utilize the flare system to distract the Tyrannosaurus rex whilst opening fire on her, be it with arrows or Enforcer rounds. Scattered throughout the map are a few weapons, such as the Blackfly, the ORO FP9 SMG, and an ORO Red Fist RPG. It would be preferable for the player to head to the middle and pick up the Blackfly from here, as to deal concentrated damage, whilst moving towards the far right of the arena, which houses an L66 Pulse Rifle.

Once they reach it, the player should begin to circle the massive crates, using them as cover to impede Scarface's movement through the area, rather than running out in the open where the Tyrannosaurus can outpace and kill the player easily. Once the rex goes down, the player can then run up and knife her, as they did in "Mother Superior", which will bring an end to the mission while starting a cutscene.

The cutscene starts with Turok running up to the downed Scarface. As he uses his blade as an anchor, he pulls out an ORO FG8 Frag Grenade and slams it into Scarface's eye before being shaken off. As Scarface stands back up, it detonates, resulting in the upper half of her skull being blown to pieces, killing her. As Scarface collapses to the ground, Turok stands in a shower of her blood, as Slade and Shepard arrive in their MG ship, with the former simply going "You really thought we'd leave you?" as Turok enters the ship. Turok and Slade exchange friendly glances before Shepard tells them that it is a "long way back to Earth". As the camera pans into space, the credits roll, ending the game.


Turok Service RibbonEdit

This achievement is earned by simply completing the game. On the player's first run through of this level, this achievement is guaranteed to unlock.

Turok Campaign RibbonEdit

This achievement is much like the former achievement; however, it is unlocked by beating the entire game on Inhuman difficulty. Once the player beats this level on that difficulty, this achievement will unlock.

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