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"Insectoid raiders from a far away galaxy, they fire powerful photon blasts, and are very good shots. And hey, those packs on their backs ain't there for nothing! One of the more deadly enemies in the game."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

Alien Infantry are enemies encountered in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs. They are insectoids that fire powerful photon blasts and are very good shots.


Alien Infantry have an obvious futuristic look, compared to the relatively prehistoric Poachers and Raptors. They have large, silver armored upper bodies and green, inverted lower limbs.

Their armor has an integrated jetpack which they use to ambush the enemy, and, if cornered, it provides them a quick escape. The grey-silver helmets which cover their heads leave their true physical appearance unknown, and it is a mystery as to whether they use it to protect against attacks or to protect their eyes and mouths from hostile environments.

Their lower bodies are covered in green skin and scales, which gives them a saurian appearance. They are not bulky or overly muscular, but they do seem to possess some sort of musculature on their small frames.


At range, Alien Infantry use a powerful alien blaster. In close combat, they use their blasters as melee weapons. The player must take care to strafe to avoid both types of attack. The player must also be on the lookout for Alien Infantry that have taken up tactical positions to snipe from afar. Alien Infantry will use their jetpacks to either fly away from danger or to flank an unsuspecting player. The Auto Shotgun works well in taking them out quickly.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the Alien Infantry have become deadlier assailants able to shoot from long distances. They are able to deliver multiple shots with their dual-wielded alien blasters in a matter of seconds and can inflict serious damage in close engagements, making each shot count without missing. When going up against a single, stationary enemy, the player can easily take them out with the Pulse Rifle and Auto Shotgun with explosive shells, but the player must be careful to avoid any incoming projectiles by either side stepping or circle strafing. When multiple enemies are present in enclosed areas, the Minigun and Grenade Launcher work quite well, and the player can use the level's geometry for cover. In open areas, the Pulse Rifle works perfectly to take them out from afar, but the player must be on the lookout for jetpack users; they can avoid the player by flying away before dropping near them, flanking the player from the sides.


The Alien Infantry are raiders from a far away galaxy. How they arrived in the Lost Land is unknown.

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