Production overview

Weapon Type:

Explosive Ordnance

Ammunition type:


Ammo Capacity:

7-8 Rockets (Per Volley)


Fixed, widespread area

Secondary Function:


Service history

Located in:

Sands of Hueyon


The Airstrike is an artillery weapon found only in Turok: Evolution's multiplayer on the map "Sands of Hueyon."


The weapon has no physical manifestation, so the only thing the player sees are the impacts from the missiles themselves. The explosions are large and do not seem alien in composition but are rather similar to World War II-era artillery.


These artillery strikes are predetermined and, as such, are very powerful. As they are able to kill in one hit, it is a useful way for players to catch their enemies off guard to gain some easy, and entertaining, kills. A strike consists of roughly seven to eight missiles, and they impact the middle area of the map, making the area insanely deadly. 

To activate an airstrike, the player needs to hit a switch located in a bunker in the center of the map. The player has no need to wait for the strike to occur, as it is nearly instantaneous, though there is a cool down time between launches.

List of appearancesEdit

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